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Welcome to the new website and blog!

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Hi there, finally I can say:


After some time working for it to be great from the very beginning, I can welcome all of you to the new site! The main difference, apart from the visual fact, is the use of subdomains so that I can have separate sections according to the topic: There fore, you can visit also:

-THE MAIN WEBSITEthe main structure that gathers all the others.
-THE BLOG: in which you are right now.
-MY BOOKSyou can see my books and some excerpts.
-VIDEOARTsome video projects I made in my free time.

Regarding the BLOG

Here, there will be all the news, thoughts, and future projects. It will be a bilingual project, so if you prefer to read the SPANISH VERSION just go ahead!

The blog has now two main sections, although there will be more in the future:

-Are you an author?
If you are an author, please stop by the review exchange, interviews or useful links.

-Are you a translator?
If you are a translator, feel free to enjoy the translation related posts like…..

Lee esta entrada en español.

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