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Do you want me to review one of your books? 

Participate in the REVIEW EXCHANGE:

This is an initiative to help and support other independent authors.

It is NOT buying or selling “great” reviews. It is an honest exchange of book reviews in which two or more authors agree to read and review each other’s book.


-Authors are expected to send the book to each other for FREEIt can be by email on ebook or pdf format or they can agree to send the printed book to each other. If an ebook is sent, authors must agree on not send it to a third party without previous consent.
-It should be an honest review so that it is RELIABLE. That means you are not expected to write a good review, but to write what you thought about the book.


-You must send the review to the author before publishing it, so he can decide if he wants to have it published. The reader has the right to write a bad review but also the author has the right to not have it published. If the author wants it published, then you can go ahead.

-The authors will decide where and when the review is going to be published. There is not a fixed deadline or format. The authors must agree when they think they can finish the book based on a time availability (if you are busy and need more time, just say it from the beginning)! Also, they will agree where they want the review to be published. Examples are: book covers, amazon reviews, goodreads, blog posts, etc.

-You must respect the deadlines and rules that you agreed upon.

If you want to participate, contact me at

ALSO, If you are not an author but you are still interested in getting FREE BOOKS to review on your site, you can also contact me.

Please note that this is a voluntary initiative. Participants are expected to follow the rules for the program to continue and be reliable. This is a team work to help and support other indie authors.


Lee esta página en español.