Welcome to the new website and blog!

[Lee esta entrada en español] Hi there, finally I can say: Welcome! After some time working for it to be great from the very beginning, I can welcome all of you to the new site! The main difference, apart from the visual fact, is the use of subdomains so that I can have separate sections according to the topic: There fore, you can visit also: –THE MAIN WEBSITE: the main structure

Light and Shadows – A short film

Lee esta entrada en español aquí. This summer has been intense for me, but very special. One of the projects that I have finished is my first short film, and I want to share it with you. You can watch it here for free: https://vimeo.com/132111193 I just want to thank my great crew (credits below) and everyone who voted at the screening for it to win the Best Audience Award.

Departure is now in English, and got a 3 out of 4 book review!

  Great news! The great translator Rachel Hopkinson has helped me again to achieved this project! Departure, the English version of my very first book Partida is now available! And it has received a great review as well at Onlinebookclub.org!! 3 out of 4 stars 🙂  

¿Quién es Shara Marst? is out!

¡Lee esta entrada en español aquí! You probably saw it on Facebook, or attended the Book Presentation, but if you didn´t know… I´m happy to announce that  the first book of the series Archivos de Pireia, ¿Quién es Shara Marst?  is finally published! Do you want to know more about the book? Read the description! The dead woman is found in a tunnel near the cliff of the city of

In English and 5 STARS Review!!

Lee esta entrada en español aquí.  The Forest´s Edge is available in English now! And Readers’ Favorite gave it a 5 stars review! Completed on: 04/27/2015 Review Rating: 5 stars!  Reviewed By Paul Johnson for Readers’ FavoriteIn The Forest’s Edge by Ines Galiano, for 450 years after the Black Years the citizens of Civis have taken refuge in the caves and created an underworld civilization. To keep a delicate balance,

Partida is published in Italian: «Il Gioco della traduzione»

I´m proud to announce «Il Gioco della traduzione»! Partida has been translated by the great professional translator Maria Paola Fortuna, thanks to the amazing company Babelcube. Now italian readers can enjoy this story in Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and soon, Amazon. The paperback will also be available soon! Alba è una traduttrice che crede di avere un lavoro noioso a Madrid, fino a quando riceve un incarico di traduzione

30 DAYS: Already in four languages and 4 stars!

In a previous post I announced the English version of 30 days. Now I am happy to announce that 30 GIORNI is available in italian! You can already get the ebook from iTunes or Barnes & Noble, and it will be soon available in ebook and paperback in Amazon and more online stores! Also, the Norwegian version is finished and will be published very soon. That will make 4 languages, with the original

Editing Time!

[Lee esta entrada en español] Congratulations to all of those that managed to get to the 50,000 words goal! But now what?  Nanowrimo proposes: So… now what? The November writing frenzy may be over, but we’re not done yet: January begins the revision process and we’ll be here to help you on your editing journey.  Edit your novel during the «Now What?» Months Be sure to keep an eye out for