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Making an ANIMATED book trailer

(Leer esta entrada en español) The fact is that I like book trailers. But why? Well, I think that making a book trailer is like making a movie trailer, but harder.  A lot HARDER. In the movies you have the recorded scenes already, that you

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What the Beat Generation was to literature

[Lee esta entrada en español] “What Elvis was to music, what James Dean and Marlon Brando were to film… the Beat Generation was to literature.” During this summer holidays I had the chance to spend some days in San Francisco. Walking around, I found The

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What I learned from NaNoWrimo Camp

  [Lee este post en español] NaNoWriMo Camp is over! I published last month a post about the NANOWRIMO INITIATIVE titled Have you heard of NaNoWriMo ? that you can read here! As promised, I set a goal: 20.000 words. With an undecided title and nice fellow


Thank you for coming to the presentation!

[Lee esta entrada en español] We want to thank everybody that made this presentation at Café de ficciones possible.  It was wonderful. After some confusion, much excitement and the books getting here at the last minute, everything went great! In addition to a great introduction of  Jose Antonio

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Presentation of the book + dramatic reading

[Leer en español] Hi there! This week has been really busy for me but It was worth it! ¡The play “Paella y Fish and Chips” has just been published!   Description of the book: Category: Humour Description: Meet the typical spanish family!   Marisiña and