agosto 2014

Making an ANIMATED book trailer

(Leer esta entrada en español) The fact is that I like book trailers. But why? Well, I think that making a book trailer is like making a movie trailer, but harder.  A lot HARDER. In the movies you have the recorded scenes already, that you can cut and edit, in order to make a summary of the story. But when it comes to a book trailer you don’t have anything

What the Beat Generation was to literature

[Lee esta entrada en español] «What Elvis was to music, what James Dean and Marlon Brando were to film… the Beat Generation was to literature.» During this summer holidays I had the chance to spend some days in San Francisco. Walking around, I found The Beat Museum, dedicated to the Beat Generation, and I thought It deserved a post. The Museum is a small place near Chinatown, located in front of

What I learned from NaNoWrimo Camp

  [Lee este post en español] NaNoWriMo Camp is over! I published last month a post about the NANOWRIMO INITIATIVE titled Have you heard of NaNoWriMo ? that you can read here! As promised, I set a goal: 20.000 words. With an undecided title and nice fellow writers in my cabin, I started writing. After 31 days, much excitement and hard work, I reached my goal but I discovered I wasn’t even